Epson T073 Ink Cartridges Compatibles
Check out these prices. T073 Ink has never been cheaper.
For use in:  the Epson Stylus C79, C90, C92, C110, CX3900, CX4900, CX5500, CX5600, CX5900, CX6900F, CX7300, CX8300, CX9300F, CX9300F WIRELESS EDITION, NX220,
T20, T21, T40W,  TX100, TX110, TX200, TX210, TX300F, TX400, TX600FW, TX610FW 

COMPT073set4COMPT073set4T073 Compatible Set of 4 Inkjet Cartridges ( 1 each of BK/C/Y/M)
COMPT0734COMPT0734Compatible T0734 Yellow Inkjet Cartridge
COMPT0733COMPT0733Compatible T0733 Magenta Inkjet Cartridge
COMPT0732COMPT0732Compatible T0732 Cyan Inkjet Cartridge
COMPT0731COMPT0731Compatible T0731 Black Inkjet Cartridge